Grooming Services & Pricing

Basic Grooming

Basic grooming for all pets includes:

Additional Services

Additional services available for a nominal fee:


Pedicures are done while you wait, please call ahead for groomer availability

Shed Less Treatment

This program is performed in conjunction with your pet's regular grooming and employs special shampoo and conditioner followed with a carding technique to remove excess hair from your pet. This reduces the amount of hair your pet has available to shed. This program should be performed on a monthly basis for best results and results may vary.

Please note: Shed less does not eliminate shedding. Shedding is a natural process and your pet will continue to shed, but the volume of hair shed will be reduced.

Flea Treatment

For flea treatment we offer a variety of options including all natural products if you do not wish to have your pet exposed to pesticides. Our staff will be happy to help you develop a flea control regime for continued flea protection.


Because individuals of even the same breed can vary greatly in terms of size, coat, condition and temperament, it is impossible for us to quote exact prices without actually seeing your pet. Our staff will be happy to quote a price range after you describe your animal and what services you want performed. Contact us at 410-257-7297 or 301-855-3459.

Extremely dirty, matted or uncooperative pets require extra time and attention and will be more expensive to groom. If an animal's condition or attitude poses a threat to itself or our staff, services will be refused.

Professional Dog Grooming